miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2018


"Easy cry after sweated meat
take eternity as a wax sad symphony
let death ache like languid moan
a sordid bare stare will always swim
over the mist,
above void,
flooding under lather mad recall
we are,
what a weak tenacious dream lies"

martes, 14 de agosto de 2018


"Make the desire


When the plane is
bundle of nerves
scratched handles
sweat over again,
that Lady
on the Harbor.

I am hardly
coming back.

I close my eyes
without closing

Just to remember:
So many sheep...
So little time!


Even in Minden (NV)
or Mañaria (EH),
nothing tastes
different no longer.

A smooth-checked
petty secretary
pick up us Txakurzulo,

And a degraded bike
pulled out my
son's ogibide
and his back.


It is a sigh,
to hear still
how they rustle,
my bones.

All that is coming,
is all that it remains.

martes, 7 de agosto de 2018


Levi lives obsessed
with the smell of his armpits
-it's like the denim brand,
my name- says
with studied gesture.

Twice we went
to Midtown together,
he had never
drank gin before
knowing me
-I drink almost everything-
I apologize.

He seems always nervous
feigning to be innocent,
Don Giovanni that seduces
freshmen undergraduates
(like that lame ginger),
just to conquer the pleasure
of knowing to be capable
of it.

The computer's mouse inventor's
non gypsy
less busty
blonde daughter,
sits close to me.
-I am gonna visit the
Greek islands for vacation!-
She owns a house
west river shore of the city
valuated in a million,
which denotes
inner death.

 I observe and
do not talk,
it is not worth
of it.
While I drink
expensive tequila
and cheap beer.

I must be an
exception in Nature,
an absurd
piece of museum,
an odd
exotic animal.

I am a bit older,
I have lived some stuff
will not say too many,
similar to those ones.

I have already
simulate to be
Irish boxer
aground sailor
fired postman
sex addict lawyer
unknown philosopher
and myself.

The void
being devoid

Time goes by
and I obviate it
and I forget it.